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  1. here's a cpu-z screenshot if needed (not overclocked at the time i took this picture)
  2. Greetings, im new in to overclocking so , i saw that XTU was an easy way to overclock so i wanted to give it a try, i managed to get my 5820k to 3.9~4.1ghz , but i cant go any higher i have Core voltage set to 1.300v and all cores to 4.2ghz but im getting current/EDP limit throttling and i dont know how to deal with that. i have no thermal throttling/power limit throttling , my package temperatures sit between 50 to 60c° so i wanted to know what do i do to remove that Current/edp limit throttling. thanks My motherboard is a X99 WIFI G1 EVGA 850B2 power supply Also id li
  3. i said 6700-NONK you said 6700k , 6700 goes to 4.0ghz with 1 core with all 4 core maxes up to 3.7 , the 5820k maxes up to 3.6 but i can overclock the 5820k , the general idea should be get the 5820k and OC atleast to 4.0 to get the same performance as the 6700 with the benefit of the 2+ cores, and also most games require 4+ cores these days, i've seen some comparisons of games ruuning with 2 4 6 8 cores and the more cores the more fps you get(deppends on the game too )
  4. i said a friend, but honestly there's more than that behind courtains so i just need to know if it's worth it, so far im down for trading the cpu's
  5. i'll think of this, thanks im pretty sure i'll accept the trade i just need some more opinions, thank you
  6. honestly i've never overclocked a CPU in my life, and it scares me lol
  7. I need some more information i mean, like people who knows really well both CPU'S and could accurate tell me if i'll benefit from switching from my 6700 for the 5820k , which one would be better for me
  8. Hello, Good day. Someone is offering me to change my i7 6700 for his i7 5820k ( with the mother board X99 G1 WIFI ) my actual pc specs are: (for 60fps 1080, i dont need more than that) i7 6700 (NON K, the normal one) GTX 1070 ASUS Dual 32gb 2133 Mhz G-SKILL psu 850 evga bronce 2 hdd 3tb ( for games and stuff) ssd 240gb (for OS and some heavy games like wow that takes ages to load) Mother board Gigabyte z170x gaming 3 rev 1.1 the point is that i have 3 monitors and i like to multitask often, like watch some videos, listen to spottify , have Whatsapp web opened and c