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  1. Yeah it hasn't happened during normal gameplay. I just happened to turn the fan speed up and noticed it. Could it be caused because of GPU sag? Ill probably send it back but im glad the warranty lasts a long time.
  2. Ah shoot. Well the card's still new. I bought it via amazon but I seem to have misplaced the plastic coverings for the ports so im not sure if I could do an exchange. Will the bearing being the issue kill the card? It seems to only happen when i turn up fan speed to 100% for a few seconds.
  3. What's a grinding bearing? Is it something I have to worry about? I checked the fanblade and saw nothing in its way.
  4. I have a fairly new 1660 TI windforce I bought around a month ago and I realized that when I manually set the fan speed to 100% via MSI afterburner it made like a cranking noise. Here is a link to the noise it makes. Recorded from an ipad fairly close to it. Userbenchmark says missing GPU when I ran a test on it; but I'm fairly certain I used DDU to clear drivers and install new ones before and it worked when I initially installed. I'm not sure if this is an issue I should be worried about.