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  1. Thank you. I was really only just wondering if it was normal for the CPU utilization to be so high just for launching a web browser. It wasn't like that a week ago. I know the i7-8700 isnt a new CPU but I didnt think that just opening a browser would do that. I thought maybe temps going up and down so quickly wasnt normal.
  2. I have an i7-8700 CPU that normally idles around 35 degrees C. As soon as I open up google chrome, the temp spikes up to 55 degrees at 60-70% utilization and then drops back down. Is that normal CPU behavior? I dont think the CPU should be using that much of its power just to launch google chrome?
  3. It was small fft. Someone told me to use that over blend. On blend it gets to 66
  4. My actually temps are like 37-44 while gaming sometimes rising to 50 before going back down. When it idles its 28-29 with spikes up to 45. Is it safe to keep gaming with this cpu? I dont want to really decrease the lifespan. It only ever got close to the 90s in prime95 and none of the games I play push the cpu that hard at all.
  5. if I want to play audio through my monitor, it works but when I plug in my headphones, I do not hear anything. It doesnt even prompt it with a plugged in notification; and I'm pretty sure it isnt plugged in due to device manager. I'm not sure what I did wrong; I replicated exactly how it was in my old case; Plugging in the HD audio cable into the right slot. The front panel usb cables are working. The case in question is a p500a. My motherboard is a prime h310 plus. How can I get audio to play through the front panel audio jack?
  6. So I shouldn’t feel bad that prime hits 91 before lowering to 59-66?
  7. Sorry I’m newer to pc building. All I had done was transfer everything to a new case. What does that mean? I don’t know if it’ll help but Here is my vcore and here is The other voltage info I think I understand that the temps simply can’t get better for that but could you explain a little more so I could understand what’s happening. I appreciate the help. Does this mean my CPU is going to die quicker?
  8. So I switched voltages to auto rather than the 1.2. I then ran small ftt and it went up to 89 degrees before dropping down to the 60s/70s. Is this normal? It didnt crash this time but the temps seem a bit high for thermal grizzly and a noctua nh-d15.
  9. Ok so I started running it after resetting it to auto. The temperature goes up to 89 before dropping down into the 60s-70s. It doesn’t crash immediately but the temps seem high for thermal grizzly and a noctua nh-d15 while running small ftt
  10. See I had originally had it on auto. But it was going crazy with the heat and I was recommended to manually set the vcore over letting the motherboard handle it.
  11. I ran prime95’s blend mode after installing my pc in its new case and after 6 minutes after it said something about doing a continuous test before freezing at 66 temp. I then ran the small test and it freezes after 1-2 minutes followed by a bsod that followed whea uncontrollable error. It did not leave a crash dump. Is my pc broken? As far as I can tell it doesn’t crash me while playing an intensive game. I have an i7 8700 which vcore I have set to 1.2
  12. Have you tried using rubber pads? I got a similar issue with Arctic fans. See once I looked at an aio and how it was installed. Some of the budget ones; i kinda regretted buying the noctua. From what I read it’s the best air cooler on the market. But it’s always a pain for me to get them set up because I have poor eye hand coordination. And I dislike the fan brackets. I didn’t know they had a shorter lifespan though. Kind of a dealbreaker for me. I completely relate on the humming noise and from what I guess it’s either the motor or just vibrations. But I don’t want to use rubber screws.
  13. See that’s where I’m confused on what to do with my gpu. I have a 1660 ti. Not sure about cooling there. I know for a fact that the d15 is overkill for my i7-8700 but I’d rather temps just be the lowest it can be especially with erratic temp spikes.
  14. Oh yeah I see that’s why I was going to avoid top fans completely. I was going to do 3x 140mm front intake. 1 140mm rear exhaust and now that I realized my current cooler is installed wrong. I guess the two noctua fans pointed directly towards the exhaust. I think I’ll still have room. The case I got is a p500a and the cooler is still coming in the mail so I’m trying to learn as much as I can about it before doing so.
  15. Sorry I thought I replied directly to you lol. Isn’t one of the selling points of the d15 having those two fans for cooling?