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  1. I started my build today and I haven't been able to get my PC to power on at all. Any help is greatly appreciated. The PSU is working (I did the paperclip test), the mobo is receiving power I think because the LED light up when I hit the "flash bios" button, but none of the ezdebug lights are lighting up and the CPU fan is not spinning when I start so that is another concern. I have disconnected and reconnected the CPU 8pin and 24 pin cables, reseated the ram and gpu. Is there any suggestions? Oh also the GPU is very wiggly in the socket, but I don't think that is the issue.
  2. I currently have two 24" AOC C24G1 curved 1080p 144hz monitors (1500R). I ended up buying the second one because it was on sale for $120 which is a steal imo. But, it wasn't until after I hit purchase when I started looking into the best dual curved monitor setup. I found a lot of comments in forums saying dual curved monitor setups suck since there's no way for it to be ergonomically set. Is there anyone here that has dual curved monitors and how do you have them set? I am thinking one centered and the other off to the side. Since they're so small the curve is hardly noticeable, i
  3. Do you know if a micro atx board will look weird in it? I haven't managed to find any build pictures that use that case with a micro atx board.
  4. Hi all, I am making a build with a micro atx mobo and was wondering which case from the three I mentioned is the best for my situation? I recognize that only the NR400 is a micro atx board, but I like the aesthetics of the h510, and the 500dx. I don't plan to overclock and I just want to get peoples opinions on which case might have the best noise and thermals performance. I've read reviews on all three of them, but I'm wondering if the differences in thermal performance/noise is really that noticeable or if it's just apples and oranges at this point. Also will micro atx boards look weir