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  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
  • Motherboard
    Asrock x570 Phantom Gaming 4
  • RAM
    32GB (2x16) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200 (White)
  • GPU
    Zotac Gaming RTX 3070
  • Case
    Lian Li Lancool II RGB (White)
  • Storage
    Inland Pro 1TB NVME
  • PSU
    Thermaltake 700w Gold, (don't remember the model)
  • Display(s)
    Lenovo G32qc-10
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken x53
  • Keyboard
    Red Dragon K580 RGB
  • Mouse
    Red Dragon S107
  • Sound
    Crappy Onboard Realtek
  • Operating System
    Win 10 Pro

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  1. If you aren't gaming, the refresh rate issue is negligible. For development, more screen real estate is always better. As far as workload with 12 vs 16 core unless you are doing some really intensive work and you are able to assign cores to certain work, it's not going to make a huge dent unless you are doing some massive compiles or renderings. If you got the cash for it, then go balls to the wall.
  2. PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7fd7nL CPU: Intel Core i7-10700 2.9 GHz 8-Core Processor ($339.99 @ B&H) CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X53 73.11 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler ($119.99 @ Newegg) Motherboard: MSI MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI ATX LGA1200 Motherboard ($199.99 @ Best Buy) Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory ($134.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Western Digital SN750 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive ($126.90 @ Amazon) Storage: Seagate Barracuda Compute 8 TB 3.5" 5400RPM Internal Hard Drive ($139.99 @ Amazon) Video
  3. B550 vs x570 is negligible for what you are doing. Unless you are going to max out expansion slots on the board you don't need the added PCI-E lanes for the x570 If you want bang for buck, I would go down to a 5900x. And please, for the love of all that is holy, use the difference in the CPU cost to get a nicer monitor. With all the horsepower your computer will have, you deserve to view something nice. Having a RTX 3000 with a 1080p 60hz monitor is like having a 1000HP car with Toyota Prius wheels on it.
  4. More importantly, why did these laptops not have a virus scanner on it? The most basic of scanners should pick something up that is 8 years old.
  5. So Google is getting mad that they make insane profit off of others and get upset when the people they are making a profit on wake up and realize how Google is screwing them over. France passed a similar law over Google using snippets from news sites. Google negotiated and agreed to that law in France. Google by including snippets IS preventing news sites from revenue due to lost add views. But Google still gets to make money on their own ads. I get a kick out of people that think the internet is or should be free. If it was free it would collapse. It c
  6. Cable tie the extra video power end so it isn't showing and you'd have a very nice minimalist build. Other than that, looks good.
  7. So what do you do when your RAID controller dies or gets corrupt? Power supply zaps the drives? What about chasing down a bad SATA cable? Bye bye data. RAID is not a backup. Can a mod make that a sticky at the top of this subforum? If you want prebuilt, look at Truenas Mini E and put drives in as needed.
  8. Truenas will use unused system ram as a zfs cache. RAID is NOT a backup. Don't spend $1500CAD that can get trashed with one power surge. You need to be realistic about how much data you need to keep and start from there. Creating RAID arrays in simple configs is a waste of time and resources. If you need 8TB to start, just start with one 8TB drive (and a separate OS drive). Buy a second 8TB drive in a usb enclosure and use that as your backup. Create backup and unplug it. You can expand your pool as you need.
  9. You don't need much horse power. You need to find a case or chassis to house the number of drives you think you need. And then find a power supply with enough leads to run the 8+drives. So at least 400w for your 8 drives. Then whatever you need to run the systemboard and cpu. I've been thinking of building a new system and asrock has a matx motherboard with Celeron on newegg for 60-70 bucks. Toss in 16gb ram and you are done. Load Truenas Core and you are good to go. What is your backup plan?
  10. No. SD cards are only so fast. U3 rated cards are 30MBs. You can get v rated cards that can do 60MB and i think the top is 90 MBs. Spend the money on a usb 3 ssd for best speed and longevity. Hell, even a mechanical drive would be faster than the SD card.
  11. Like others have said, we need to know how your computer is connected to the internet. Network cable or wifi? When is the last time you restarted your modem/router? Have you called your provider? Just went through a similar issue with my father in law and had the provider come out and he found the cable from the pole to the house was bad. Ran a new cable and now no more calls from in-law complaining about netflix buffering.
  12. You will be limited on a raspberry pi 4 because of you boot and run from a sd card, that is your weakest link (slowest writing bandwidth). Modify your install to run from the usb3 port with a ssd on a usb adapter and you will have a much quicker experience. If you are going to be pushing it hard, invest in a 5v usb fan for the pi.
  13. $90k isn't going to cover it. You are looking at enterprise level equipment for this. A 4tb flash SAS drive is around $1000. To get to 500TB you're going to need $125,000 in drives alone. If you want to use RAID for redundancy, double or quadruple the amount needed for storage. This doesnt include the server itself. You don't need an Epyc cpu for this. A single mid tier Xeon is more than enough. https://www.broadberry.com/petarack.php This will give you an idea of what you are looking at.
  14. Not sure what you are meaning by internal, external storage? Are you wanting to be able to remove a drive to transport it? Just get a USB 3.2 external drive for that and transfer a copy of data to it when you need it. If you are planning on that much storage on your workstation, what is your backup plan?
  15. Your issue with booting to the second drive has nothing to do with how it is detected. You need to update the boot loader using bcdedit to add the other OS as a choice.