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  1. It looks good, just wanted to point out that the fans that will come with the AIO will not be the UNI fans, so if you want all of the fans to match, you will have to buy those separately. As for monitor, I heard that Samsum Odyssey G7 is great in that resolution/refresh rate range.
  2. If he is buying in April like you said, the updated bios should already be pre installed on the board, but otherwise, the motherboard has a flash bios feature which lets you update the bios without an old CPU. Your friend should be fine without an old CPU.
  3. This build should be quite a bit better than the above one, I chose non-RGB ram since the CPU cooler would cover it anyways, and got faster speeds and latency because of that, 5600x > 3700x for gaming and light productivity, ATX motherboard for ATX case, faster NVME storage compared to SSD, same 3070, different case - this is mostly personal preference, probably the one thing that could be changed, a more fitting 750 W PSU, and 5 extra fans for front intake and rear exhaust. Please do not buy a Windows 10 key for $100+, you can find them at <$30 easily on the web. Also, please be patient
  4. Looks really solid, might want to go for something like a corsair RM750x instead of the PSU you have there if you want something that is modular, but otherwise really good. Some possible upgrades for this would be trying to find 3600CL16 RAM, and getting a better NVME drive like the 970 pro, but honestly you should be fine. For your fans, you might want to chuck in an extra if you want some RGB in both the front and back of the case, if not, it'll still look great. I am not sure about the stand, but I am sure that someone else will chip in with some recommendations about that.
  5. Honestly I think it would be the air cooler, and in the long run, it will probably last longer and give you less problems. What kind of workload and what CPU are you using though?
  6. Ok thanks everyone, as long as it doesn't damage anything I don't really mind the noise.
  7. I built my PC, and recently I noticed that when I am using the PC there is coil whine if I go close to the back of my case where the power supply is. I don't really mind the sound, and I doubt there is much I could do about it without having to tear apart my whole build, so I was just wondering whether coil whine reduces the lifespan of PSU, or whether it is dangerous in any sort of way to the PSU itself or the parts that it powers. Again, I have a Corsair RM750x PSU.
  8. OP, I feel like your cpu cooler, and PSU are very overkill for the CPU that you have matched it with, unless you are planning on making an upgrade in the near future, you should definetly try to match it more. I wouldn't think you need more than a 550 W PSU for a 1600 and 1050, and you will get by easy on something like a hyper 212 cpu cooler.
  9. Make sure that there is enough clearance for your RAM with the CPU cooler that you have chosen, and also, you might want to save some money there, since I am pretty sure the cpu cooler will block any RGB from the RAM. I would agree on the 5600x being the max you need for gaming, 5800x is in a weird spot between the 5600x and 5900x. B550 will save you some money if you don't need the extra connectivity.
  10. Any reason for going intel over amd? The 5900x is a beast for productivity, but of course it is difficult to get right now. If you do change your mind and go AMD you will need higher clock speed memory, 3200+. And that case doesn’t have the best airflow lol. Maybe go for a meshify, though I’m not sure if they have support for a 360mm radiator.
  11. PC PartPicker is not accurate, and honestly, I would just stick to what NVIDIA says, since PSU is one of the most important parts of the build, and its definetly something you should not skimp on.
  12. NVIDIA recommends a 600 watt PSU for the 3060ti, you should probably upgrade to 600/650 W instead of the 550 W you have in there. I think there is a Straight Power 11 that comes in 650 W, so you could get that.
  13. Hello, I just completed my first build, and I noticed something about my GPU clocks and I had some questions. So on MSI Afterburner, it is showing something like this: This is not what the advertised base clock speed of the card it, and it also shows 0 for the voltage, which I am not sure is correct. Sometimes, it will spike the 1666 mHz/7000mHz, but it usually stays around the clocks in the picture. Is this normal, or do I have to do something to fix this? Everything (games, productivity) still works, so not sure what the problem is here.