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  1. I put a screw driver on the 2 pins, should I plug back in?
  2. If you got discord my name and tag is !Quakey!#0007
  3. Is this the button thingy
  4. Do you have discord or something to go in a call and help me
  5. Also should I turn the pc off or keep it on?
  6. The ones right under the clr and above the line of white pins?
  7. Can you help me find them, I don’t know much about PCs.
  8. So it says clear cmos with a flat head screw driver to short 2 pins, which has got me stumped
  9. How do I clear the cmos, google said to get a flat head screw driver and short the 2 pins or something?
  10. This is a prebuilt, it’s from cyber power, got it like last year.
  11. Is there a way to know what motherboard I got?