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  1. I have done a strawpoll, please choose! Which game is visually better, MGS4 or Shenmu... | StrawPoll
  2. Pretty neat bit of tech back then! GXM | External Multi-Display Adapters | Matrox Video
  3. 3 WAY SLI CRYSIS TEST - YouTube I thought surround gaming was not a thing back then?
  4. I will have to purchase them, i think i have held a disregard for AC games and should have gave them a try earlier, still better late than never
  5. Grab this whilst you can if you are after a quality mouse, pretty epic deal. Razer Naga Trinity RGB MOBA/MMO Pro 16000dpi Gaming Mouse LN87159 - RZ01-02410100-R3M1 | SCAN UK
  6. From all of the things i saw of later titles, i loved their aesthetics but thought the gameplay looked quite dull. But alas, IV Black Flag even now on modern systems still even looks awesome too, ok some textures are a bit muddy, but the water effects, artwork and overall polish to it is astounding. Do you guys actually recommend buying later AS Creed games?
  7. If it fails to work in another machine, it's dead Jim.
  8. Just as an aside before we give up on it. Have you reset your bios? tried reseating the card multiple times?
  9. Where did you keep it? If it was kept in an environment where it is very humid, it can cause slight damp and ruin the card. Otherwise, it is possible that the card was on it's last legs and decided to stop working now, it does happen, i know it is shitty but sadly it happens. Like humans, GPU's can suddenly be here one second and gone the next.
  10. Thank you for explaining "film" I also love watching his channel
  11. I still won't forget the Bulldozer machine.... AMD FX-CPU's 8-Cores Advertisement - YouTube This comment shows how many stupid people still exist. " Izlude Tingel10 months ago (edited) Bulldozer was not a bad line of CPUs at all. They beat intel's chips across the boards. There was a smear campaign against AMD over this, where even AMD users were convinced the Bulldozer was bad when it was actually better than everything out there. When Ryzen hit the market, it was basically the same chip with a rebranding and a few tweaks. It's like whe