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  1. Mark6754

    my vision

    i know but , i don't have that in my monitor , i was wondering if i can switch on of my hdmi ports on my gpu to be input instead of output and have a virtual tv/monitor which i can use
  2. Mark6754

    my vision

    not only that i need to use on of my display ports as input instead of output
  3. Mark6754

    my vision

    look , idk if this exists or can exist , i just want to know if it ban or cant be done i want a program which acts like a Virtual monitor , a window that i can minimize , and than i want to plug my laptop , so i have my laptop inside this Virtual monitor , maybe a PlayStation , maybe an apple tv .
  4. Would something like this work?
  5. Thank you so much , i built my pc around your advise I got a Ryzen 5 3600x 1660 super 256 m.2 nvme 1tb hdd 8x2 3600 ddr4 600 watt Coller master cmp 500 B450 tomahawk max
  6. Hi i want to use a single mouse on both my laptop and pc and i don't want an online software like share mouse , i want a mouse with 2 usb receivers and a switch on the mouse to flick when i want this or that ? Is there something like that?
  7. So im understanding this correctly , the gpu here is better than the one you picked out , but the prosser is worse? If thats the case i can swap the prosser here . Let me explain something , this website doesn't show the items in the pre built units so that you don't know the exact price of the pre built unit Im thinking if i use the the prosser you suggested+ the 1660 super will be between 11,000 and 14,000 Another question , these changes wont charge the motherboard or the power supply right?
  8. Im thinking of adding another 8gb ram and an m.2 ssd , but the processor and gpu is good ?
  9. Ok one last thing , https://www.elnekhelytechnology.com/offers/ryzen-5-3500x-gtx-1660-super-offer What do you think of this build , will it suit me for my work , and i can upgrade by time .
  10. Thank you so much again you really helped me allot
  11. Thank you so much for this reply , i really needed it , i do have a couple of questions If i decide to add an m.2 ssd 128 gb or 256 gb will it greatly? And i noticed you didn't add a cpu cooler , i don't understand how it works tbh , ive beard allot of people mention stock coolers , do i get a cooler ? Or will i need to buy one ? Thank you again
  12. Hey I know nothing when it comes to building a pc , and i do need to build one cuz i need a powerful workstation , bit everytime i watch building video on youtube i come out way over budget , just an fyi i live in Egypt where everything is much more expensive due to taxes and customs , i need this pc cuz im an engineering student and i need something powerful enough to run my programs smoothly My programs that i use: Solidworks ( mostly ) Fusion 360 ( mostly ) Adobe illustrator ( mostly ) Adobe photoshop ( occasionally )