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  1. I have a friend's laptop with a touchpad that has stopped working. Opening HP's UEFI menu it works fine, but not once booted into operating systems - even booting into a live USB Ubuntu or Windows PE. Touchpad doesn't show in device manager, but there is a "I2C HID Device" giving a code 10 "This device cannot start. A request for the HID descriptor failed" - unsure whether this is the touchpad or not. HP Pavilion x360 14 (F.17) Windows 10 64bit (21H1)
  2. I've posted before about thermal and sleep issues with my HP spectre x360 (15-df1010na) - This is more sharing my experience with UK HP's support/repair. The £2k laptop is about to be sent off for the 5th today in a year... At idle (clean install and just had AIDA open logging with 0-10% CPU usage), the laptop will idle at 70-80C with the fans inaudible majority of the time, AIDA reports throttling at the slightest increase in usage. Running a stress test it goes to ~100C for a while before the fans kicks in and settles to 80-90C, for a stress test this isn't something unexpected o
  3. Hi all, This is a mixture of a public shaming of HP support as well as asking for technical help. I've contacted HP (under warranty) about these issues and they took the laptop and replaced the heatsink (It's clearly a software/firmware issue though) which did absolutely nothing. I contacted them again multiple times and are refusing to do anything about my £2k product unless it is crashing - which just seems like an excuse that they don't know what's wrong and don't want to look into it. A few months ago I started noticing the fans were not turning on when they