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  1. Thanks for your help shall look into this monitor deep today
  2. So, i am looking for a 1440p 144hz monitor for gaming i have an rtx 3090 and a 5900x at the moment so i am looking at playing AAA+ games on high settings averaging 180 fps or so.....it should be IPS options i thought were good the monitor should be future proof (Hdr and all that Price range (500$-800$) 1-Aorus fi27q-p 2-Lg 27gl850-b 3-Asus rog swift pg 279q or Asus rog xg279q Any other monitor suggestions are welcome thanks
  3. What monitor should i go for with a rtx 3090 can anyone tell how many fps will the rtx 3090 give in 1440p resolution i was planning on getting this monitor :- Alienware aw2721D monitor But idk the monitor is 1440p 240hz ips 1ms response time with g sync ultimate The link is below https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-27-gaming-monitor-aw2721d/apd/210-axsw/monitors-monitor-accessories The price right now is 1100$ but it will eventually get down to 800$ after a while this monitor is quite NEW tbh or i was planning to just go on with a 1440p 165hz monitor the link is bel
  4. So i am looking for a cpu to pair with my rtx 3080 and i have no idea which i should go for either ryxen or intel and it should be future proof (No need to upgrade for at least 3 yrs) Thanks
  5. I am not use which ram to buy for the ryzen 9 5900x cpu it is in pair with the rtx 3080 so i need 4 into 8gb =32gb ram in total so should i go for 3200mhz cl 16 or 3600mhz cl18 or 4000mhz cl.......pls help thx
  6. Anyone owning a 680x pls help i am planning to buy the 680x case by corsair but the problem is i have an asus rog strix rtx 3080 which is 320mm and the maximum gpu length is 330mm as in corsair's website will it be a tight fit i do not plan on having any radiator in front only on top so is the gpu going to fit and have good airflow or........
  7. Hey guys i am upgrading from my ps4 pro to a new pc so i would like to know what cpu i should go for i want a cpu purely meant for gaming i do not do streaming and it has to be future proof I am planning to play on 1440p 144hz and also m planning to get an rtx 3080 i was thinking about the 5900x but idk Thanks
  8. My plan is for gaming and streaming budget under 350$ i think 3600mhz cl 16 is good but idk i though of corsair dominator platinum rgb but idk it is expensive but the asthetics are good an my pc costs around 3200$ without memory
  9. I currently have a pc coming soon but i don't know how much memory speed i require i have ordered the 5950x and i am currently susing 2080 super i will soon buy a new gpu i think i will get the 3080 ti when it releases i think from the leaks it had 20gb gddr6x so i want the ram to be future proof i need 32gb in 4sticks in 8gb total 32gb ram so which memory is good for 5950x pair with imagine like kind rtx 3090(3080 ti will be 1000$ and will have 20gb vram) just imagine Thanks
  10. Can anyone recommend me a great ips 1440p 144hz gaming monitor i have an rtx 3080 along with ryzen 5950x and i have two options in mind and it should be g sync compatible or g sync native and 27 inch and i do not want a curved one 1-Asus rog pg279q (very old monitor but kind of yet the best but idk if it is worth inn 2020 even thought it is good ) (it has g sync native) 2-Lg 27gl850-b (brilliant by reviews) Any others if tested or by reviews and stuff thanks
  11. I just built my new pc and now i am looking for some gaming peripherals can anyone recommend them i have a budget of 550$ for a great gaming keyboard,mouse,mousepad and headset and has anyone tried the logitech g pro x headset i am thinking of buying that headset i want all the peripherals to have RGB (except headset and mousepad) my pc is filled with loads of corsair stuff and rgb so i would like if you guys could give me some corsair peripherals recommendations the keyboard should be 150$+ - 200$ mouse under 150$ (not to heavy but has a little rgb ) mousepad 50$ (no
  12. Yes,but i feel like this investment is worth it as i have struggled with my old pc so much (walmart pc very bad) so i have saved a lot of money so #No compromise lol
  13. Yep you are right i meh as well get fully ssd indtead of hybrid Thanks