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  1. it sure seems to go on the expensive road. thank you for your time and help !
  2. I have a noname 550w (I think) PSU, but everything seems to be getting power. Even the gpu-s are spinning the coolers, and all other coolers on the pc are working fine, the LEDs also.
  3. I would also like to point out that last night I used the pc and it was working fine
  4. This morning I turned on the pc and the main unit seems to be working fine but I have no video output. I have tryed the following: - different HDMI cables - different monitors with different HDMI cables - I bought a new gpu and placed it into the PCI-E port - I have 2 different PCI - E slots and tryed it with both of them. - I have tryed different combinations on the RAM ports with all my 4 sticks of 4 GB RAM thinking it may be a faulty stick. None of the above has worked. Can someone help me out a bit? Could it be the mother board or th