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  1. currently i have a laptop, and no spare cards - unless i can use my brothers 1660ti tomorrow, hmm are you suggesting that by using a compatible card to post, it could be patched to work with the 3070? @TrigrH i gathered these parts the past month, built the computer this evening, never having built a computer before
  2. i think in the morning i'm going to start hunting local stores for a replacement mobo and start rma on the asus board
  3. no i dont have any other gpu (which perhaps might work since the mobo is old) and thats what i was wondering, if there was a way to update the old bios on the board, so that it could recognize new rtx 3000 series cards (but online it appears that at least most nvidia cards it won't recognize) @TrigrH
  4. 'asus x570 tuf gaming plus' motherboard is incompatible with the rtx 3070, and potentially many other gpu. appears to be a common problem online that this x570 board will not post past vga
  5. yeah even with the gpu in pci slot 2, same results... guess $170ish for the asus x570 mobo was just too good to be true
  6. i will try the next pci slot down for the graphics card, right now @Shimejii yeah given the problems with nvidia rtx 3000 series launch, pretty sure they just packaged a total brick and sold it, tbh havent looked to see yet if the card works for anyone yet i can try the card in my brothers computer tomorrow is there any recourse for this sort of situation? i mean, what figures to be the best way to get a working pc out of this?
  7. i don't know asus x570 tuf gaming plus amd ryzen 5 3600xt ram 2x16gb 3600 c18 corsair vengeance lpx psu seasonic focus 1000w 80+ gold rtx 3070 case: define 7 xl mobo has i think orange, red, white, green, light sequence or something during start up... stuck on white (vga problem) light with green boot light also on... no beeps i dont think board has sound (or built in graphics) basically tried everything i've read online (reseat ram, gpu, check power cords, etc - i mean, ask / please tell ) everything has fans on - the gpu fan