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  1. gpu is good around 60 to 70c but CPU is about 90c when gaming
  2. i just tested it, it reaches up to 90c could that be a issue?
  3. I heard 750w was a "enough" some where but thinking about it i got a bronze rated 80+ that doesn't help, I could just go for a 1000w PSU might as well since i put this much money into this build. I will return my 750w then buy 1000w PSU see how it goes lol
  4. dont judge i was gonna for a non k but they sold out so i settled for the k lol
  5. Hello, I just recently received my MSI RTX 3090 Ventus and When I play COD MW Warzone I only range 90-130 FPS and ranging 60%-80% usage on ultra RTX off or low RTX off graphics settings at 1440P i seen people play at 1440p at 160-180 FPS I wouldn't assume its my specs bottle necking my RTX 3090 but I could be wrong. PC specs: i7-10700k @ 4.6ghz MSI PRO H410M PRO LGA 1200 Intel H410 32GB of ram @ 2933mhz EVGA 750 B5 750w bronze 80+ power supply MSI RTX 3090 Ventus I have tried DDU to do a fresh install of drivers so not sure what's going on