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  1. I have a very weird workload despite I have maxed out the settings in watchdogs legion. So my setup is: Threadripper 3960x, rtx2080ti,64gb 3200 cl16, 2x Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 M.2 2TB( so 4tb in raid 0 read speeds around 6-7gibs) on a Msi TRX40 pro board. So i playing on 1080p and have around 40-60fps with max raytracing and DLLs on max quality, the load on the CPU is low and not going over 30% usage what is ok with 24 cores at 4,20 GHz. The GPU load ist under 20% most of the time, there are some spikes that pushing up to 70-80% load for 2-3 seconds. The ram usage is around 10-1