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  1. do you think it could run with a 550w Since I now know that 6×rgb fans + AIO is about 35w I have no ssd no hard drive Only m.2 What do you think
  2. wow thank you soo much so do you think i could go with a 550w or 650w
  3. 1080ti 16gb ddr4 3600mhz Ryzen 7 3700x
  4. Iam building my new system in Some days and i have some questions. When i got to powersuplie Calculator It says that I only meed 392 Watts For my components. Now I Want to save some money so i am going with a Semi modular Psu From corsair. Iam planing on upgrading the pc over time wich my first priority Will be Fans and a AIO Liquid Cooler Wich will be 6 Corsair rgb fans Probably 4×LL120 And 2×LL140 Plus a Elite Accapelix Cooler Could you tell me how much watts i would need To run this.
  5. I need to find out what that corsair fan hub us called i just cant seem to find it if anyone know please answer
  6. Thank you for your help dude
  7. It says the same thing with the 750 but With the 850 it doesent have any problem
  8. Oh so the 750 Is fitting
  9. Iam not really experienced in powersuplies could you try explaining it more simple iam sorry
  10. 850 Is out of my budget