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  1. My personal preference is Acronis True Image but that comes at a cost. Some nvme drives (Samsung and WD for example) come with their own uitlities for this exact job and that is free.
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of building my new case and would like to hear what are you thoughts abou the ideal fan configuration for the TU150. This case supports 4 120mm fans, the H80i v2 I am planning to use has a dual 120mm fanss on it , the suggestion from Lian Li is to front mount it. The fans on the aio should obviously be in push-pull pushing the hot air out from the front of the case. That leaves us with 3 fans, 2 under the gpu and 1 at the back of the case. How should those be setup? My gut feeling tells me that the two fans at the bottom should