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  1. Hello, I recently acquired a Samsung odyssey g7 monitor (2560-1440) and have been having an issue where when I attempt to do anything such as bring up discord or interact with my other monitor that I will ether have my game minimized or have the task bar at the bottom of my display appear. I f anyone knows a fix, please let me know. (BTW: my other monitor is 1920-1080)
  2. Hello, recently my desktop has ben shutting down during games and then restarted. I did do the upgrade of putting in an EVGA 750 watt psu and Rtx 3070 and it may be the power spike due to the 3070 if anyone knows how to fix that. Thanks!
  3. I recently did a pc upgrade that involved an EVGA 750 watt P.S.U and a RTX 3070 nothing other than this was changed but now one of my m.2 ssd's that has my operating system ill not show up, I was wondering if anyone knows about this issue? (side note, both m.2 ssd's are W.D drives)