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  1. I know it's really weird. if I remember correctly it happened a couple of times when it was completely shut off. but then again why would windows stop me from even getting to the bios? from what I can tell it doesn't complete the POST process, it just stops at the CPU_led.
  2. yes, when it works it's perfect, RAM, CPU and everything. I was running red dead redemption 2 a couple of days before it happened. I should also mention that the first time it ever happened I was trying to wake my PC up from sleep mode, and most of the other times when it happened it was either in sleep mode or hibernate. This time it was in hibernate and the lights went out, maybe this is the pattern we're looking for?
  3. maybe, but this started happening three months before the PSU failed could it work even after it sustained damage? Plus I noticed that the thermal paste is dried out on the CPU, could that prevent it from starting altogether?
  4. This started all the way back in march of this year, I tried to turn on my PC and it wouldn't post. I opened it up and tweaked the ram configuration a bit and after a while it worked. the same problem kept happenening over that week and every time it would be solved differently. once when I reset the CMOS, once when I replugged the power cables on the CPU and mobo. and it stopped for a while until June. it started happening again for a few days as well by then my power supply died so I got a new one. and it worked until September. This time it happenened three times in one week and every time