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  1. Hello yes I have tried Ubuntu, Opensuse and CentOS, it does have hardware accelerated GPU driver (from glxinfo direct rendering: yes) Bios is actually in English and is readable, no options in the BIOS to adjust amount of ram dedicated to the GPU, I haven't tried to tinker with the amount of system memory dedicated to the GPU
  2. 1. Aliexpress there is a reseller is selling the motherboard (search on aliexpress a9-9820) 2. the CPU is soldered to the motherboard.
  3. yes, but I've tried the following driver packages with no success Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.9.1 Catalyst Software Suit 15.7.1 WHQL Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta: Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta as well as the "Auto-Detect and Install" tool from AMD Microsoft Windows update does not have a valid driver for the GPU
  4. Hi everyone I bought one of the oddball AMD A9-9820 cpu/motherboard combo from Ali-express, I got it today (shipping was quick for this took <2 weeks to get here) I'm using 4 x 2gb ddr3 1333mhz Kingston ram and a WD 10k 250GB VelociRaptor drive, MS Windows 10 Home 2004 update the only issue I have with it is trying to find a working graphics driver for MS Windows CPU is reporting as a K16 model, base clock 2.35 ghz 8 core, AVX instruction set (no AVX2 support)