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  1. His home doesn't have any tool to be able to open a normal case too but im doing it just to be sure
  2. Its aa fking magnetic side panel and i found these strong magets imma replace them with im also gonna use a round screw that requires a special screw ill be fine
  3. If he know how to access system information or task manager im going to legit build the pc before he can read any parts
  4. than he wuld notice a performance difference from the gpucheck "benchmark" more like a guess
  5. the cv isn't actually 34 its suppose to be 54 but the stupid rebates
  6. hey my friend isn't the type of guy to listen to other ppls advise and he donesn't know anything about computers so i can just tell him its 5000 and he'll believe me
  7. Bro ive been begging my parents to get rebates and they just sitting there saying "its too much of a hassle" or "its the same thing"
  8. Hes been using a xbox one s for 3 years he isn't gonna care but ill force him to get 4000 speed memory