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  1. I mean I just want my GPU under 75C with its fans running at 2500 RPM as opposed to my current GPU temp that eventually reaches 89 and restarts my entire PC no matter the fan speed lol.
  2. the 215 is available for 74 euro in my country
  3. I'm pretty sure it's possible, but it's not gonna be easy, and probably not cheap either.
  4. well it's like 4 euro extra which makes it 60 euro which is very cheap anyway so I mean why not go for that 1% extra air that the fan does manage to get in lol. I think I will be going for this one, it should be enough to keep my rx580 under 75C while my GPU fans are running at 2500 RPM...hopefully Edit: lol,the 100R has ARGB front fans while the others have RGB fans, does that mean that the ones with normal RGB fans only support static colors?' I just found some interesting thermaltake "commander" series cases with 2x 200MM preinstalled front fans but I think the msi is still b
  5. but the 101M has 3 front fans while the 100R has 2 front fans
  6. @TVwazhereso I've been looking at cases a lot and I was wondering whether I should also consider the mag forge *101M* and not 100 R because it comes with 1 extra fan and that helps me a lot
  7. well it's exactly 70 euro here, the only downside would be that reviews are saying that it has cheap keycaps, and I'm not gonna buy the hyperx pudding keys aswell so idk about that
  8. okay, I'll look into those too. I meant the hyperx alloy origins core btw, and that appears to be mechanical
  9. okay, what do you think about the core version then
  10. it's note exactly easy to tell from the presentations of the online stores in my country but I saw it in a review so maybe you can tell me which one it is. The review says it's an FPS but check this out: this is how it looks in the review: VS this is how the FPS looks in the online store: so yeah edit:nvm,I think the first photo has modified keys
  11. yeah I have looked at that one and the only con is that the lights are locked to red. How about the hyperx alloy KB?
  12. Hi.So I currently own an uhm...let's call it a membrane keyboard(I will attach a photo below). It has very flat keys(it's basically a wireless laptop keyboard) and I actually like the switches, very silent an basically 0 travel time and 0 force required to press the key, however I have been gaming for quite some years and I think it's time to switch to something more... responsive. Even if my current KB feels reasonably decent, sometimes my commands don't register(very rarely) and it probably struggles with multiple key presses(even tho it's decently usable). To the point: So I want to sw
  13. yeah so I was looking at the versa and it seems the most solid, even if it's not the best looking out of all the cases you listed
  14. so I have checked out all of them(the cougars aren't available around here,neither is the rosewill one,etc) and most of them seem pretty nice, but it's pretty hard to pick one because most of them don't specify what fans they have preinstalled so it's hard to tell if they are good enough. I'm counting on the front fans being good because I won't be switching them, but does it really matter what front fans it has? I think the fact that all of them have 3 more openings than my current case is enough even by itself
  15. 50C is an extremely good temp but it takes high fan speed to stay that low.You can manually lower the fan speed from amd settings, but honestly 2000 RPM isn't even that high(I mean it depends how loud that sounds on your particular card), but on my own card even 2500 RPM isn't very loud with headphones on. If you wanna lower your fan speeds at the cost of a few degrees higher temp(try not to go above 70C tho, even if your card can handle a lot hotter), that's fine. Here's an example fan curve you could use as a starting point, but honestly just play with it