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  1. Thanks for the reply, I tried that, but it seemed to be in Chinese. I've instead tried to get a hold of Kitsound, so I'll see how that goes!
  2. Hey everyone, recently I bought a pair of Kitsound Metro headphones. I had a pair a long time ago, and decided I wanted to get them again. So, when I went to pair them with my Mi A1 (Android 9) everything went fine. I then used them, and powered them off. When I turned them on, they wouldn't automatically re-connect to the headphones, I ended up having to go back into the previously connected section, and tap on them. It then asked if I wanted to pair again, and I said yes. This is the only way I can use them. I even got them replaced to no success. I have cleared bluetooth cache, rebooted, ev
  3. Brilliant, thanks to everyone for their replies! I have done some further reading, and aparently the BIOS can be a bit funny about the newer cards. It seemed to be fine in my freind's one with a 1030, but I'm not sure what to do. I'd consider myself quite technical, but wouldn't have the first idea about how to get around this issue! I guess I should just buy whatever card I go for from a retailer with a solid returns policy. I also have something in the back of my mind that says this slot may have a 25W limit, but I am not sure of that. I could well be thinking of another board there, besides
  4. Hello, I currently have a GT710 running inside a HP 6200 Pro SFF machine. It can cut a 1080i timeline fine for about 8 minutes of video, but anything more than that, and Resolve throws a GPU memory full error. I'd like to upgrade to a 1050TI ideally, as it has 4gb VRAM, which I presume should be more than enough for me. I've done some research, and found some annecdotal evidence of people successfully getting this to work, a lot of them say it went very well. However, I have 2 limitations. The recomended PSU for that card is 300W - I have 240 - but seen as it pulls solely from PCIe, I'd guess