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  1. The B550 have PCIe 4.0. But its only 1 slot for GPU and 1 m.2 ssd. The second m.2 is PCI 3.0 controlled by the b550 chipset.
  2. Guys, help me with this: I just starded putting a new build together for an 5600X when it comes out, for playing @ 4k 60 on a LG C9 55` and im hunting for a motherboard. I already have: 1 Gen 4 SSD 500gb for boot and 1 game at a time. 3080 Strix 16gb (2x 8gb) Adata 3600Mhz CL14 Cooler Master TD500 Mesh Not using HDDs or raid 0. Not using any kind of PCI expansion card, its only the 3080. Planning to run the 5600 overclocked with a 360 AIO. No need for front panel Type C 10gig, the case only have USB 3. These are my MB options here on my reach. B550 - Aorus Pro AC 290USD