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  1. Hi, I was looking at RTX 3080 cards and found out that around here it's relatively easy to get your hands on a Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC. This card has very low demand here, but is there a reason to avoid this card, is it better to wait for a different one or should I just buy it? (I have no experience with the caps at the back of the card..) This card has very minimal queue and are getting restocked pretty much every week, but it just seems weird that the demand here is so low. Any advice on what to do?
  2. So best solution is return it? This is the 2nd monitor I ordered, first one was a complete mess.. Now this.. Is there any monitor (27inch, 1440p, 144hz or more) that is decent quality and not some big lottery? At this point I'm desperate for a good one, I soon need a new one to fit my new GPU.
  3. No one? I only have limited time to return it if necessary..
  4. Hi, I bought an Asus TUF V27BQ (165Hz TN) and I noticed it has 1 brighter streak somewhere in the middle of the display, it's only noticeable on a dark gray background. Apart from that I noticed what I think is backlight bleed, but I don't know if it's too much. (This monitor cost me 400€+, cheapest price in the country). This is the picture taken with low aperature: Is this normal amount or..? Because I've had the same monitor for over 6 years now and maybe I got lucky with that one?
  5. Voyeyon

    Is this okay?

    Hi, After having 2 TN monitors for the past 10 years (60hz & 144hz) I needed a new one (for new GPU). I bought the LG 27GL850, but since I have no experience with IPS monitors at all I don't know if my monitor has a lot of glow or just normal amounts. Here's an image I took with low exposure setting: I have a few questions: 1. Is this a lot or normal? 2. Do you get used to IPS glow after a given time? 3. Is it normal IPS 144Hz seems a little different to TN 144Hz (seems slightly less smooth)
  6. Hi, I'm very new to the whole monitor part of PCs. I'm still rocking a 60Hz (second display) & 144Hz 1ms TN monitor from 2011 & 2014. Since I'm planning on getting an RX 6800XT I'll need a new monitor (60Hz has no displayport nor HDMI, 144Hz has HDMI only), but the whole TN, VA & IPS thing doesn't help me decide. As far as I've heard VA has ghosting issues and IPS has glow issues and slow response time (My current monitors both have none or very unnoticeable). I can't find which monitor I should go for, I don't mind IPS or VA but I rather n
  7. No, maybe like a match of CS:GO in my freetime, but never for heavy gaming (which I'm pretty sure the iGPUs will handle, plus I have a desktop so it's not a drama if it doesn't. CPU performance is much more important alongside battery). I'm a programmer and I sometimes need to do emulations and stuff, sometimes on battery, that's why battery is so important (and portability)
  8. Hi, I'm in the market for a new laptop, I've got my eyes on the Asus Zenbook 14 and Lenovo yoga slim 7. But I can't decide which specifications to get. For me it's important to have performance yet a long lasting battery along with it. These are the options: i7-1165G7 (67 Wh battery, 400-nits display) not available yet but should be soon [Asus Zenbook 14] Ryzen 7 4600U (60.7 Wh battery) [Lenovo Yoga Slim 7] As far as I can find the performance is rather similar(?), but I don't know what their efficiency is like, some sites say the