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  1. So I’m looking at buying an MSI GS65 Stealth (RTX 2060) laptop but I’ve seen that 1440p 144hz+ is the best way to go for 15in laptops. Only problem is, high refresh rate 1440p laptops with the specs and designs I want are really out of my price range. I know that there are both 144hz AND 240hz 1080p panels available as screen replacements for the GS65 but I was wondering if the screens are standardized enough that I would be able to find a non-msi-gs65-specific panel that would be 1440p 144hz and would work with this laptop. Anyone know of any place I could find this or even if it’s at all pos
  2. i actually just installed 2016 drivers and the system froze on this screen. this artifacting is different than it was doing before. does the artifacting + screw-y no windows load thing just mean bad silicon?
  3. I bought this Asus Strix 980ti off ebay as “for parts or not working” but I put it on a test bench and got it to boot into windows. Now, the resolution is significantly lower than it should be and the card gets way too hot. It has a 0db mode but the fans to not kick up at all except for spinning for a moment after turning on the system. I understand that it is to be expected of this card to not work but I’m surprised that it turned on at all. I just want to see if there is any driver or vbios tweaks I could do to maybe make it work or if I just need to replace the bga chip itself. or maybe its
  4. well damn, guess I’ll just try to sell it again on ebay
  5. How could I test the components? I have a multimeter but no experience using it. I just know that you can use one to test the components on the board. And if nothing is damaged, what would be worth salvaging and what could I do with them? maybe get a custom replica pcb printed and make a new card?? And on that, where would I find the exact resistors and capacitors and inductors n such? Sorry for too many questions haha I’m just trying to make this unfortunate $100 investment worthwhile.
  6. yeah I know that it would work to get another 1070 board but I also know that manufacturers use the same boards across multiple different gpu SKU’s. that leads me to think that I would be able to move the gpu and ram chips over without problem. what, if anything, would make that cause problems / not work?
  7. yeah I just don’t know if I can bypass that area. and if I can, I don’t know what I’d have to do to block it from shorting or what I should remove, if anything. any tips or recommendations on videos / sites to look for?
  8. Well the burn in this board is near the cooler’s fan header so I think it would be possible to bypass fixing it or just seal it off somehow. The board I have is an EVGA reference 1070ti. I included a pic of what the board should look like (from NVIDIA) as well as the burn on my own card. Would this be something I could fix or just seal up and bypass? Also, the r33 inductor looks burnt out so I want to replace that too. I just can’t seem to find where to buy an exact replacement. Where would I get one and what SKU or manufacturer name is it?
  9. Hey all! I’m new here and wanted to ask a question that I haven’t been able to find much information for elsewhere. So I bought a broken 1070 ti a few weeks ago hoping to repair it and use it. It wasn’t until I got it that I found that the board itself was burnt. I got it as what I hoped to he a cheap replacement for my current 1060 3gb but I don’t think I can fix or work around that burn in the pcb. So, I was thinking that I could possible desolder and resolder the gpu die and memory chips from the 1070 ti onto the board of my 1060. I have decent enough knowledge of soldering but is thi