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  1. so is there a way i can make my single thread faster?
  2. my friend with a gtx 970 and i think i7 gets more fps than me in a lot of cases, we both looked straight down in a servers map and i got 250, he got 500, why
  3. I put my render distance to the lowest and got around 1.5k fps but my gpu usage was 60 and my cpu usage was 20 that makes no sense
  4. In for example a multiplayer lobby I'm getting like 80fps when I look at all of the npc's and theres only like 6, which my usage around 10-15 and 10-20
  5. Whenever I play minecraft which is a game that relies on the cpu my gpu usage is higher than my cpu usage and they're both still really low cpu: 10-15 gpu: 10-20 ryzen 5 2600 oc'd to 3950mhz 1.3V rx 5600 xt oc'd to 1820 frequency, 860 voltage 16gb ddr4 3000mhz cx 450w 2 intake fans 1 outake
  6. alright, thanks for all the help
  7. alright im fine with that thanks for the help one more question i don't know if you know the fix to this but in game when i turn on vsync it doesnt cap my fps to 144, its unlimitted, and I can only record in vsync for some reason
  8. 0.08? so i should be abkle to have 3? and I have a cpu fan header, cant i put a splitter to that and connect cpu fan and normal case fan?
  9. no i just wanna know what my stock fan takes, so I know if its below or above .4 its a 120mm
  10. Alright thanks, you think theres a way to see in bios how many elecvtricity my current stock fan is using? like what its max is at 100%
  11. I have an rx 5600 xt and ryzen 5 2600 with stock cooler, the 5600 xt has 3 fans connexted to it
  12. yeah well my system is never really used that much, it has a problem with gpu and cpu usage and never goes above like 40% for both, I think I could get away with three. I'll see though, is 1 intake and 1 outtake enough?
  13. Motherboard manual give no information is like 2 pages and can you give your opinion on what I sent to petabyte
  14. So would 2 of these be fine? Grabbing them from my brothers older computer, it'll be these 2 + the phanteks p300 eclipse stock fan
  15. So I'm getting a fan splitter for the Gigabyte b450m ds3h because it only has 1 case fan header, and I was wondering if anyone knew how much power is allowed to go through that one header, I don't want to cause damage to my motherboard. Thank you