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  1. Thanks man, I've looked for the other 27" flat monitors but the price doesn't really differ much, it's like around 1200 bucks for flat screens it's not much of a big difference.
  2. Hey guys so I'm getting a monitor for my new pc build but I've been kinda struggling with making a decision between them so I'd appreciate it if you can share your opinions, here are the specs: 32" Inch TV RR: 200Hz MaxRes: 1366x768 price is 1000 bucks in my currency. 27" Inch Samsung Curved Monitor, RR: 60Hz - 1920x1080 resolution, price is 1500 bucks in my currency. P.S: I've used both of these products in the past but I had to sell them due to my bankruptcy 2 years ago, but I've never used the TV on my computer so I can't make a decision