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  1. Damn . Silicon lottery sucks! If this stays stable, next thing I’m overclocking is the CPU. Had really good silicon lottery on my old 8700K where I kept it at a nice 4.9GHz. Pretty sure I won’t get anywhere past 4.2GHz on this CPU though from what I’ve been reading.
  2. Just set my DOCP to 3800MHz and my FCLK to 1900MHz and posted just fine. Haven't done any stress testing for stability, but so far so good? *crossing fingers*
  3. Thanks. I actually watched this an a couple of other videos earlier today, but I suppose part of my question is whether or not setting DOCP to 4000MHz and not doing anything else is actually a good idea at all, or if it's going to be hurting because the 4000MHz profile might not be taking into account the best settings for 1:1 scaling, etc. In other words, is it better for me to set DOCP to 3600MHz (or 3800MHz with some additional tweaking of 'X' and 'Y') for maximum gains with minimum effort, or should I trust the DOCP profile for 4000MHz to be superior?
  4. Hello there, I recently built a new system and switched over from Intel to Ryzen 3900X. I have some Ballistics RAM that is rated up to 4000MHz. Since I don't have a ton of time these days, I went for the lazy solution and set the DOCP to 4000MHz. However, I keep seeing info online stating that 3600MHz and 1800 for the FCLK setting leads to higher stability and potentially higher FPS. My question is whether or not I should drop my RAM down to 3600MHz in order to maximize my performance gains (I haven't benched trying both settings, so that will happen at some point). Is DOCP at 4000