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  1. All 4 that I have boot into windows, although I haven't tried running Furmark on them (The only application installed on them)
  2. They look awesome! I really wish I had a use case for them, I recieved a tonne of computers at the same time. One appears to be a server, with 4 xeons in it! I turned it on and it posted, but the fan was a server fan so i turned it off fairly quick!
  3. I am in the land down under I am afraid! They are super cool. This guy I got all of these parts from was big on overclocking.. one of the PCs I got was an old Asus Rampage extreme, with a custom liquid loop to its GTX690 and its cpu. Really cool stuff!
  4. Hi Friends! Ive been fortunate enough to get my hands on not 1 but 4 EVGA Classified SR-2 complete with dual Xeons, Noctua coolers, and ram. I imagine the board is worth for more than the other components.. but are they still considered desirable? I know they one of the only overclock capable Dual Xeon boards, but I just dont know what to do with them. I know I wont appreciate them, and my partner doesnt want these PC parts taking up a whole room in our house any longer (I also recieved 4 other computers) But the EVGA SR-2 is what really caught my eye. Are these still desirable?