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  1. Thanks for the reply! Sorry, I didn't explain that very well. I don't care about highest response times, so mostly meaning response (ms), higher refresh rate would be nice, but I know with 4k monitors it really hikes the price In regards to bottlenecking the displays, I'm worried if I'm playing a game that the graphics card can output at let's say 80 FPS at 4k (just an example), or if they FPS is too low at 4k so I bump it down to 2k and the frame rate is around 100. If the monitor is only at 60Hz is that not going to cause any issues? I meant more am I crazy ge
  2. Hey all, I am currently planning my first build (upgrading from a 7-year-old pre-built) and am unsure of what to do for my monitors. In my build I will be getting either the 3080 or the 6800 XT, haven't decided yet. I also know I want my monitors to be 27 inch. I currently have a dual-monitor setup with 2, 24-inch monitors at 1080p 60Hz. Ideally I would like to move to 3 monitors, but realistically I might have to stay at 2 due to prices. Now, I will be using these monitors for a whole variety of things (watching movies, coding, non FPS gaming) so with that in mind I do