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  1. I think I expressed myself a bit misleading. I think there is something new called Smart Access Memory and it provides a performance increase, but it works different and not like the video explains it.
  2. Hi, I just watched the new Video about the new AMD GPUs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xUioPsLRKA Because I am currently developing an own bare metal driver for AMD Rx570 GPUs, I find minutes 7:18 to 8:00 of the video very interesting. I also encountered the fact that the GPU has only a 256MB BAR of accessible VRAM at boot time. However, most GPUs have a PCI Express register for resizing the BAR to it's full size. The CPU can access all of the VRAM after resizing. This is done in Linux Kernel already since version 4 for every supported AMD GPU and not just the l