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  1. Thermals are known to suck on this series of laptop. Underlaod CPU gets up to 80-ish and GPU 75-ish.I replaced the original thermal paste to help it a bit. Since your last comment I uninsatlled the drivers and reinstalled them. Seems so have fixed the problem. Usage is at 75-85%, frames are perfect, clocks are between 1000Mhz and 1400Mhz. Just hope it's gonna stay like that and not crash again.
  2. I tried the Acer default one, the windows balanced and high performance. No difference at all. Il says GPU usage 99% but doesn't clock as high as it should. Right now it's stuck at 349Mhz @ 99% usage. If i unplug the laptop, it will cloct al almost 1500Mhz.
  3. Hey all, I bought a laptop (Acer 5) equipped with an I7-10500U (4C 8T @ 1.8Ghz baseclock), 12 GB ram and an MX350 2Gb. Thing is : I mostly play Runescape on this laptop (the only game light enough to played there). Somehow, when it not plugged in, it get better FPS then when it is plugged in. I can clearly see on the MSI afterburner thet the GPU clock hits pretty close to 1500Mhz while on battery and barely 1000Mhz when plugged... Something is wrong... I don't know what. Plz help. Thank you. A stranded fish.