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  1. Yeah, but I move from site to site so I need it to work on the go, which is why the issue is extremely annoying if i dont find the right angle of the lid. Also, speaking on the topic, are there cheap portable displays of sorts?
  2. Ah crap, it means i have to replace the whole board, which comes to the question of is it worth it anymore. The repair guy, however, may be wrong but is really decent, Ive known him for a while and moreover he didnt charge me a penny (just saying). Anyhoo, thanks a lot
  3. Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 7559 The specs are : Intel 6th gen i7 - 6700HQ GPU : Nvidia 960M 4GB Non touch display (I dont think other deets are necessary beyond this point) 16 GB ram tho So my laptop has been having a weird issue for almost the past year now. The moment a Graphic intensive application is being used, the screen starts to flicker. My natural assumption was my poor gpu or board (OR my display/ display cable) is dying, but that wasn't the case; hear me out please The laptop screen did not flicke