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  1. Hi.A few months ago my laptop started getting worse and worse from the point of performance.It started off as a simple fps drop,now its to the point where even roblox lags,which is pretty ironic to say the least.No thermal throttling or anything like that,compressed air is being used at least once a month so its pretty much dust free.I took my laptop apart,but im not really a genius when it comes to laptops,so maybe,if anyone here knows at least anything about them,please take a look at it,and tell me if there is anything thats visibly wrong with it. Also my specs are: CPU:Intel core
  2. Oh and about the Resource Monitor,the only thing that is near the top is the game that I play,lets set apex legends as an example,it tends to go up to 90% which isnt normal as far as i know
  3. Well I do maintain my laptop pretty well,also I tried running Cinebench and I only got a score of 2178.
  4. Yo.In the past three months i noticed random fps drops that didnt happen before,and i realized that my CPU usage is extremely high whenever the drops happen (like 80-100). I dont think that there is a CPU bottleneck or throttling.Also my laptop is a year old. My specs are:GPU-Geforce gtx 1060 6gb CPU-Intel core i7-8750H OS:windows 10 Any type of help would help at this point cause gaming became unbearable.
  5. Thank you.I will keep you informed but it might take months tho,since its lockdown where I live,and I also got "blessed" with corona.
  6. Also is there any specific thermal paste that goes into each type of laptop,or it doesnt matter what kind i buy?
  7. I never changed the thermal paste tho ,so idk how to.Could you maybe help?:"D
  8. Also the laptop was working fine 'till now with most games I play,like apex for example.The thermal throttling just started recently
  9. Yes it does.I even use the 'overboost' option on it.