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Everything posted by Whymyrx470shiteatwarzone

  1. i didnt save my vbios when flashing and flashed the wrong vbios and cant find the correct vbios online please help
  2. the proper bios for my card is the XFX RS RX 470 Triple X Edition which is unfortunately not uploaded
  3. well i thought that at first and flashed that into my gpu but my card is a a different edition which has a default clock of 1226 but the bios i flashed has a default clock of 1256 currently the card is working but the game performance is a mess its stuttering and i experience constant black flashes
  4. the problem is i cant find any vbios for my exact model online
  5. so i stupidly flashed the wrong vbios onto my xfx rx 470 and didnt save my original vbios what am i supposed to do should i except defeat and cry and wallow if anyone has a fix please help me this is my actual gpu https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/xfx-rs-rx-470-triple-x-edition.b3773 , and this is the vbios i flashed onto it https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/185267/xfx-rx470-4096-160722 thanks alot please help me
  6. I have a rx 470 and an i5 3470s the pairing is capable to run any tripple a game with low settings but for some reason it does not work with warzone after i start a match it will reandomly crash and the fps dosent go over 20 fps i dont know of its a driver issue btw i have an xfx rx 470 gb also one thing to note my gpu when it starts it defualts with no noise mode meaning the fans wont spin even if change those setttings in the radeon software but after the next boot it will reset what should i do ? Thanks a lot again