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  1. India mate, now there is a sale going and that gives gives me almost $100 off on the Asus. However, even at retail prices the asrock board is $100 more than the asus.
  2. Yeah, the X570-E has 2 PCIe 4 16, onboard USB 3.2 Gen 2, WiFi 6 and 2.5 LAN. I know the last thing is over kill at the moment but i would like to have the option. I would running the board for a min of five years, (i know that is though ask with the rapid pace of the tech evolution) that's why I'm going over kill now. The other board we where looking at was the TUF X570 plus and X570-E is $80 more. and like I said if it is a better board i can forgo the SSD for now and get the SSD later next year. Also, i took a look at the board comparison you shared and the X570-E was in tier S
  3. It's a waste of money really. Get an ASRock X570 Taichi for $30 less, and better features. (all NVMe slots can do PCIe 4.0 x4 speeds, instead of just two of them) Only downsied is giving up the 2.5Gbps LAN that no one in their right mind cares about right now. It might be like that where u live, but for me the x570 Taichi is almost 200 usd more than the Strix x570-e.
  4. Hmm, thanks. Whats ur though on the Strix x570 E gaming. I know it's out of my price range, but it has everything I want in a motherboard. And if u think it will yield better results I can skip the ssd for no and invest that money on the motherboard. So what do u think, is it good, if not which board is better?
  5. Yes I was asking about the spikes on the Nvidia 30 series GPU's. This is what happens when u don't sleep for couple ofddays
  6. I can live with 2.5Gb LAN and WiFi 6. A good network card costs double as much as getting an on board one. So, for the time being I don't want to do that. Thanks mate. What about the voltage spikes on the 3000 series, do u have any idea about that?
  7. I'm getting things that r available on discount. Right now it available for 70 usd
  8. What your thoughts on Tuf gaming x570 plus. That was the motherboard I considered first. As for the the CPU I'm flexible, I can go for a ryzen 7 3700x, that's not an issue. My main priority is that I want it to be future proof, so PCIe gen4 is a consideration. I know it doesn't give any major advantages for gaming. Another priority is on board Wi-Fi. Another question is, if I go for the 3080 will the power supply be able to handle the voltage spikes. Right now in India the 3600xt is available at a lower price than the 3600
  9. Hey guys, I'm a long time viewer of LTT but this is my first time on the forum. I need your help with a value build. I have chosen the following components: Motherboard - Asus ROG STRIX B550-F CPU - Ryzen 5 3600XT RAM - Corsair Vengeance 3000 Power Supply - Corsair RM750 I want to go for a 3000 series GPU but I don't have the money now. So, my question is, if I go for the 3000 series GPU will there be any bottle necks? The purpose of this built is primarily gaming and some medium amount of productivity work like photoshop, video editing and some CAD work.