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  1. Thanks for the thought. Appreciate it, plus at lest im not the only one stumped lol.
  2. I've got the monitor plugged into the graphics card. I tried both display port and hdmi. I think you are right that something is happening to prevent power to usb, it did work once when i got it back from the shop. But nothing since.
  3. Ryzen 9 3800x Sapphire 5700xt Nitro+ Gigabyte Aorus x570 Ultra 64 Trident Royal Ram 1g NVME ssd 1g ssd 850 watt corsair power It boots, fans run, RGB is on. It posted once properly and I went through the install windows process with usb drive, however when it rebooted I am no longer getting power to the usb ports. Repair shop tells me its the graphics card not working with the motherboard. Any ideas?