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  1. Okay what modifications could i do? Im willing to pay if you can help me get my temp lower and overclock it.
  2. I haven't touched the voltage settings, do you think i can lower them a bit? And do some modifications?
  3. The temperatures are the same, are the voltages i posted on the pictures running to high for 4.5 ghz cpu?
  4. I have a i7-7700k 4.2 ghz processor running with intels turbo boost that makes it 4.5 ghz. Cooler H110i GT. When i open a chrome window it jumps op quickly to temperatures at 70 and quickly goes down again. I removed and replaced the thermal paste, what can i do now? Am i using the wrong settings for volt, check these numbers just came from idle state.
  5. - Okay thanks alot, do you think those high CPU temperatures makes my FPS lower in games? - If i can get a stable TEMP, would overclocking it then could improve my fps by a lot?
  6. Okay so those high temperatures for a stock i7-7700k 4.2 ghz with intels turbo boost enabled so 4.5 ghz, are way too high and unstable?
  7. Where in bios can i reduce voltage. Another question does the high temperatures affect my fps when im playing, for an example thermal throttle?
  8. Hello i have the I7-7700K 4.2 ghz CPU, its on turbo running at 4.5 ghz, my cooler is the H110i GT. My cpu temps are running really high. When i open google chrome, i see spikes in temperature going op to 70 degrees for a short amount of time. When i run Cinebench and test my system, my cpu hits temperatures going from 70-97 degrees. What should i do? Thanks in advance.