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  1. Any alternative frontends u use to upload photos to drive?
  2. Thankfully i can change dates from the web so the only potential but rather not logical solution is to fix things on the cloud from the web then del photos locally and reinstall them
  3. Yeah it works seamlessly but only if u have been always using it and only using it ... Heres a list of problems i have been facing .... Theres a lot of user error going on but the truth is it is not user friendly I get it they provide free storage what else do u want.... Just asking for basoc functionality here Heres a list of problems i have faced trying to use it pls help if u know any potential solutions or ways to avoid it in the future Theres no way to delete photos from cloud only.... anywhere i touch the delete button it permanently deltes it from my pho
  4. Why are Microsoft store apps shown in bad light? Yes they sometimes have less features can be buggy and lack regular support in that They even run in sandboxes and are distributed through a trustable store Then why?
  5. They use 12k footage from blackmagic cameras and they dont need 12k displays they shoot 12k mostly only to have headroom in editing
  6. Does anyone know what the floatplane video uplaoded 1 day ago was abt its a weird linus live stream kind of video made me to curious cant wait till tomorrow when video goes on yt
  7. I got curoius about it coz just saw yesterdays techlinked episode the one in which riley was speaking softly to not disturb alex being used Also ik linus did a full blown advert shoot for pulseway
  8. Summary Apple's 20218 imac has a huge chin and massive bezels My thoughts Apple could figure out every problem people had with imacs and even solved problems noone had like introducing a new power cable with ethernet so nxt time u have to buy it from apple but couldnt figure out a way to cut down the chin and bezels wtf! They had the pro display xdr it was as easy as slapping a raspberry pi sized computer behind it Sources youtube.com/TechLinked
  9. Pls make a list of threads for all channels couldnt find a single one
  10. Oh yes i realise nobody knows the facts but wht are the rumors there seems to be nothing about it on the forum i am exited abt it since the iPhone 12 launch thought they might review them on the new channel coz linus had teased it on wan show before
  11. Linus mentioned in the studio tour 2021 that lmg is working on a new channel does anybody know details?! From the video it seems like it might be named" the mac guys" Who do u think is gonna be the host?!
  12. Brass XBox to match the gold Xbox controller but brass so that maybe u could do it inhouse coz that would be dope