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  1. okay thanks for the help i appreciate it
  2. damn that sucks is there any way i could test it without dishing out money for a new processor
  3. would that be the reason it’s not displaying
  4. yeah i tried one in both of the slots
  5. yes i have i cleaned off the thermal paste when switching motherboards and took and air duster to it so make sure any hair or debris wasn’t on it pins are all straight , the first time i put paste on i put a little to much but it never came in contact with the pins
  6. so with my original motherboard the asrock one i’d have to trip the 24 pin to get the fans spinning but it wouldn’t display on the rog board nothing but the motherboard lights turn on
  7. i wouldn’t know i can’t even get it to boot or display
  8. i need some computer help i recently built a mini itx pc it has the nzxt h1 ryzen 5 3600 rog strix b450i 16gb ram 1tb ssd and rtx2060 i’ve taken it to multiple computer shops and they can’t even figure out the problem everything is plugged in and reciveing power but the computer won’t turn on, i recently changed out the motherboard originally i had an asrock b450 fatality in it and i had to trip the 24 pin to get all the fans spinning but it still wouldn’t display so i put in the rog strix b450 and it wont even boot now any recommendations?