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  1. flipped it around and it now works. Thank you for your help and getting me to check that
  2. I believe I did, the adapter shows 4 pins but only has 3 wired, a pair of 2, empty socket and then a final wire so I connected a jumper to the outside wire for the 5v from the usb, I think i plugged the spdif and ground into the right part of the adapter but will flip the cable around and see what happens
  3. its a gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI board
  4. I bought an optical audio adapter board so that I could connect my pc to dvd reciever and get full 5.1 audio out of it. Product is listed below https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01LWNKIKN?ref_=pe_41291580_475834480_E_301_dt_1 I plugged it into the power from a spare usb header on my mobo and plugged the spdif connector in as well, I can see the red light coming from the toslink port. however when I connect it to my pc I dont get any audio output. currently testing cable and reciever with my ps3 and getting proper output. I have the realtek digital output enabled in control panel and s