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  1. thank you so much for the insight ..my case is a phanteks p500a with 190mm cooler clerance ..the noctua max heght is mentioned to be 165mm and my ram 56mm. Since it covers 32mm of ram in its default position i could lift it up 24 mm coming at a total of 189mm ..
  2. Hello everyone.Very happy to be part of this community and thank you for the amazing content .Its my first post here so i would be very grateful for any insight on my problem.I would ideally like to buy a noctua nh d15 chromax air cooler for my build but i ve come across several comments supporting that dual fan operation is only possible with 32mm ram or less. Unfortunately my ram dimms are 51 or 52 mm i believe so i guess i would be limited to only single fan operation .Though i am planning on using only 2 ram dimms (placed in the second and fourth slot respectively of the motherboard) so i