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  1. is it possible? expectation, no more than 8gb ram... perf ~ 2080 super at best... $350~$400 (too exp imo, hopefully to be cheaper) i think only if its priced around $300, i will consider it
  2. sagging too much for 3080 tuf
  3. i need to reopen to check, but those are just mem cooling and i am getting gpu core overheat
  4. should be this case https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/legacy-products/cases/elite-335u/ i added a 12cm fan under cd rom and a 12cm stock at back also a 2nd front fan made no difference so i unplugged it
  5. an old coolermaster elite atx tower, elite xxx, 7yrs+? but gpu overheated before case is warm
  6. i spread the paste evenly on the die, looked good spread last time i removed cooler and there are really no pads between cooler and gpu...hm strange
  7. its almost 90%+ and max at 100% on ~85C
  8. anyway, you cant pick your desired monitor resolution and hz first, then we can decide gpu btw rtx2000 is now extreamly bad in value
  9. i have replaced thermal paste a few times, cleared dust and didnt help model msi gaming X temp 83C at stock, throttled at 79C , had to raise temp limit in afterburner (room temp 23~25C side case panel opened to due with this issue all reviews i found on this model showed 73C was the max temp
  10. rx570 is perfect for 2400 / 8gb it can do most AAA 1080p high 60fps or 1440p 30fps
  11. haha nvidia price is once again a lie cost the same as rx6800 i would have to switch to amd
  12. found these prices across all shops in HK $600 for base model and 675 for models like tuf /gaming x how much is 3070 in your region?
  13. do you have a bad hdmi cable?
  14. glad to see competition is finally back which will you buy? NONE both teams are forced to react quickly by releasing new gen sooner this time
  15. 99% user are buying amd cpu already
  16. they are too close, hard to decide hmmmm I WILL BUY NEXT GEN
  17. well done amd i am exicited for NEXT gen gpu from nvidia and amd, must be competitive and not long to wait patient customer always wins
  18. is 200w normal? 200w shown in rivatuna on screen stats afterburner, voltage unchanged temp limit 85C, otherwise it reaches 88C core +80, mem +450
  19. dont believe in rumors, they will not be in stock