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  1. is it possible? expectation, no more than 8gb ram... perf ~ 2080 super at best... $350~$400 (too exp imo, hopefully to be cheaper) i think only if its priced around $300, i will consider it
  2. sagging too much for 3080 tuf
  3. i need to reopen to check, but those are just mem cooling and i am getting gpu core overheat
  4. should be this case https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/legacy-products/cases/elite-335u/ i added a 12cm fan under cd rom and a 12cm stock at back also a 2nd front fan made no difference so i unplugged it
  5. an old coolermaster elite atx tower, elite xxx, 7yrs+? but gpu overheated before case is warm
  6. i spread the paste evenly on the die, looked good spread last time i removed cooler and there are really no pads between cooler and gpu...hm strange
  7. its almost 90%+ and max at 100% on ~85C
  8. anyway, you cant pick your desired monitor resolution and hz first, then we can decide gpu btw rtx2000 is now extreamly bad in value
  9. i have replaced thermal paste a few times, cleared dust and didnt help model msi gaming X temp 83C at stock, throttled at 79C , had to raise temp limit in afterburner (room temp 23~25C side case panel opened to due with this issue all reviews i found on this model showed 73C was the max temp
  10. rx570 is perfect for 2400 / 8gb it can do most AAA 1080p high 60fps or 1440p 30fps
  11. haha nvidia price is once again a lie cost the same as rx6800 i would have to switch to amd
  12. found these prices across all shops in HK $600 for base model and 675 for models like tuf /gaming x how much is 3070 in your region?