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  1. Hi guys, I am looking for a ssd that would fit into my laptop. ACER Nitro 5 AN515-52-70NF I want to replace 16gb of Intel optane memory with ssd m.2 disk. But i am not sure if its compatible with m.2 NVMe or m.2 Sata and i dont know which one to choose. Thank your for your help.
  2. Didnt try to check it with bios yet. Anyhow the system was on HDD optane is only 16gb... It was pretty crap anyhow so i was thinking about replacing it with ssd... Now i dont have much options anyhow. Just like you said i ll start from scratch.
  3. Hi guys, my configuration of storage on my laptop is: HDD 1TB + 16GB intel optane. Today HDD stopped working, because the cable that connects it to motherboard was tore apart, and the system says "No booting device". Changing the cable didn't help. So i am trying to replace it with SSD disk. I am wondering is it posible to replace 16GB intel optane which is placed in m2 slot with SSD disk and run the system on itself? Without any Sata disk? The next question i have is, i found on the internet step by step instructions how to replace SSD with intel optane. And there it says that intel