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  1. I have tested the last ten minutes and havent seen a flicker on 60 for both so that seems to have changed things, do you think this could indicate it is the cables? like i said i did try multiple different cables but i can order more if needs be..
  2. Hi, I am having problems with flickering on my monitor when i am not in games, it happens maybe every 30 seconds to a minute it will be a quick flicker near the top of my screen. I originally thought it may be because i was running dual monitor one being 144hz and the other 60hz but i have today just received a second 144hz monitor and now the same is happening to that? I had no flickering problems on the 60hz monitors just these 144hz ones. My monitors are - MSI OPTIX G241 MSI OPTIX G24C4 I am running display ports from bot