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  1. It sits on a cooling fan pad on a lap table. Other than having the ssd added I believe nothing else has been done.
  2. Thanks for the info! It has an ssd installed already. I added it on when I ordered the laptop. I’ll take a look at the fan to see. when I first got the laptop it was melting ram chips. I sent in for warranty repair but all they did was reinstall windows and replace the melted chips. It has run extremely hot since I got it. I guess if I can’t replace the graphics card I would be interested to figure out how to keep it from burning up. The fans work but the one fan makes a grinding sound.
  3. I have a custom laptop from cyber power pc that I’ve had issues with since purchasing years ago. I am needing to upgrade the graphics card and replace one of the fans as the laptop runs very hot and no longer gets the FPS it did before. I’ve attached an image of the specs I could find and know nothing about it. Any help on what parts I should get and whether it can even be upgraded would be amazing!