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  1. Hi guys, International shipping is prohibitively expensive when buying from your store making it hard to support the channel this way. For example the shipping costs the same amount as the item being purchased destroying any 'value' in doing so. There's other channels that you do crossovers with frequently. Can you work out a deal where you can sell their products as well? That way the postage cost will be less of an impact if I'm able to buy more things at a time that I want and being able to support similar channels eg. Gamers Nexus. Cheers
  2. This video by Level1Techs piqued my interest. Dual Xeon Platinums - For Less Than $1K! Amazon's E-Waste! Are Engineering Sample / Qualifying Sample cpu's usable for DIY use cases? eg. unraid; or even production? New LTT servers? Same q for off-roadmap cpu's.