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  1. Its a pretty old corsair case. It doesn't exist anymore but I think this is the new version https://www.corsair.com/de/de/Kategorien/Produkte/Gehäuse/Carbide-Series™-100R-Mid-Tower-Gehäuse/p/CC-9011075-WW The only difference is that it does not have a glass side panel. Instead it is all aluminium with holes in the side to mount coolers I think. Like this case has on top but my case has it on the top and on the side panel.
  2. I don't think so. My fancurves are at 100% at 70C already. I think 90C is the mark where the cpu throttles down a bit so it won't overheat.
  3. I have problems cooling my cpu. Ryzen7 5800x At idle my cpu temp is around 40C, after a cinebench run it gets to around 87C and at the second cinebench run it reaches the 90C mark and stays there. Specs: CPU: Ryzen7 5800x GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080 MB: msi B550-A PRO My cooling: CPU: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Case fans: Noctua NF-P12 1x that pulls in air from the front. 1x that pulls in air from the top to right in front of the cpu cooler. 1x that pulls out air from behind of the cpu cooler. Case: A old Corsair cas
  4. Steam downloads the files compressed. My guess is that on faster drives it can uncompress the files while also downloading. On slower drives it stops the download so the uncompressing can keep up. After a specific threshold it resumes the downloads.
  5. Now I feel old. I remember this screen have much more information but I guess the newer gaming motherboards don't have that feature. Sorry I'm out of ideas.
  6. Ok I think this is was a misunderstanding. My Post Screen and your Motherboard Screen are the same. The picture I used as an example is just the first thing I could find that looks like that. Yours will be different but similar. Can you take a picture of the motherboard screen?
  7. It has nothing to do with your ssd because this all happens before anything is even loaded from the ssd but this is not important. How I would do this: Turn pc and monitor off. Turn monitor on. It should show something like "No display input detected". Set the monitor to hdmi/displayPort/dvi whatever you use to connect to the pc. This step is just in case your monitor is slow in detecting the right input. Turn the pc on before the monitor goes to sleep. Make a picture/video with your phone of the screen. The screen will be there only for a few second
  8. Yeah, the first screen after the pc turns on. It looks a bit like this. Maybe your screen takes to long to wake up and thats why you are not seeing it. It only appears for a few seconds.
  9. Does the post screen say something?
  10. It was one of the troubleshooting steps in the motherboard manual and I went over them all.
  11. A little update if someone cares. I transplanted the new gpu inside another pc at work. It worked. I used the psu with a really old pc we had laying around (incase the psu is a bit homicidal). It worked. Only the cpu and motherboard is left. I highly doubt it is the cpu but I ordered a new b550 motherboard and will test the cpu with it. If the cpu is really the perpetrator then I can use the new motherboard with a 5000 cpu in the future.
  12. I looked and there are no debug led's. I also searched the handbook for anything related to debug led's and havn't found anything. This is a possibility. I thought I'm safe because I don't use a vacuum cleaner and the image on the can shows them cleaning a pcb.
  13. In my experience you don't need it if everything goes right. The problem is that if something goes wrong,(not the first time that would happen) the troubleshooting can get exhausting. It just maked more sense to to this little inconvenience so you can spare you headaches later.
  14. Hello and thank you for reading this. I most likely know the answer(something is broken beyond repair) but maybe the internet has another idea. Backstory: I bought a 850 Watt Corsair TX-M Series TX850M Modular 80+ Gold Power Supply in preperation of upgrading from a 1070 to a 3080. I was lucky (and maybe all this is karma) and got a rtx 3080 reference card. This card arrived yesterday and I installed the new power supply and the gpu. While doing this I also cleaned the case with air out of a can. After putting everything together and turning on the psu the motherbord led are shinin