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  1. Yeah DHCP has been on the entire time so it doesn’t seem that that’s the issue.
  2. Ok thank you so much. Gonna try that out tomorrow.
  3. Just troubleshooted and got this for the problems found. And now the yellow led turned off. It comes back eventually though.
  4. Sent a request to Newegg now I'm just waiting for a response back from them.
  5. Hey everyone I'm new here so I'm not really sure how I should format this but I'll try to explain what happened as best as I can. So I just received the last parts I needed for my new computer I started the building process and everything went smoothly until I tried to turn it on. The first time I tried to turn the computer on nothing happened. I then realized that I read the motherboard manual incorrectly and put the front panel connectors in the wrong spots. So I fixed that and as soon as I turned on the power an audible pop went off and smoke came from the system. I saw where the smoke came